Funny Boy and Girl Cat Names

boy and girl cat names

Looking For Funny Cat Names For Boy or Girl Cat?


Having a pet in home is lovely be it a dog, rabbit, cat or any other animals. Cat is one of the species human feel comfortable with. There are many reasons why some people prefer cat over other animals. Some say cats can combat rats. Some say they feel like heaven when they wake up in the morning and they see their cats sitting on their chest or in their bed beside them. To some owning a cat is their way of showing their personality. In fact some introvert persons tend to show themselves to animals than to people around them and cats are their constant companion. While others, consider cats as their stress reliever after a hard day’s work while some simply say that cats are adorable.

Also some people are living in apartments which means they could not have a dog so it makes sense to have a cat instead.

It is easy to own a cat but name a cat can be a complex thing to do. There are methodologies to finding the name for your cat. Nomenclature or naming system that humans used to name persons is almost the same with how people assign name to cats. When a couple picks a name for their baby they tend to combine their names. And this is also applicable to cats however, cat owners instead of using their person’s names they use names from objects. On the other hand, cat owners tend to associate names with characters from movies, bibles and books. This association game is what makes cat-naming exciting and interesting.

Actually there are no hard rules on this thing. You can pick any names you like or any names that first pops up in your head.

Here are the popular names for cats you can choose from to name your own cat.

For boy cat names you can assign heroic names such as Zeus, Conan, Apollo, Superman, Batman or even names of villains such as Bane, Steerpike, Moby-Dick, Rorschach, Gambit, Bubastes and many more.

If you want names that are neutral you can use Harley, Bailey, Cricket, Blizzard, Cottontail and Cue Ball.

Other popular males names for cats are: Arthur, Atticus, Adam, Barney, Basil, Benny, Charles, Colby, Fronzie, Derrick, Eliot, Dusten, Gable, Jessie, Aeron and many more.

For those who are creative and give their cat a name that is very unique and would not mind it sounds funny there are so many funny cat names out there. Some of these names are: Stinky, Tacco, Nuggets, Beans, Sleepyhead, Snail, Abraham Lynxin, Brad Kitt, Cat Damon, Catrick Stewart, Catnipp Everdeen, Dianne Kitten, Doctor Meow, Frank Catra, Harry Plapla, Toby Catguire, William Cartner, Sinead O’Collar, Santa Claws, Snow Bite, Terrance Meoward and many more.

For girl cat names the most popular are: Abby, Candy, Cindy, Abigail, Bea, Bella diva, Bootzie, Bordeaux, Jane, Fel, CaTrina, Cale, Deane, and many more.